Monday, April 29, 2019

Sleeveless Sweater for the Win

Friends, this has been a packed week. I know I skipped my Easter outfit this year due to how busy I've been. I did share my outfit on instagram though, for those who follow. I had a full weekend of family time and I got to spend a bit of it shopping with my Mom. Most stores were having some pretty insane sales, one was the Loft. Everything in the store was 40% and all tops were 50%.

Needless to say, I bought every possible petite white top as well as this gorgeous sleeveless sweater and these darling petite cropped jeans. The sweater is right up my alley for comfort. You can easily pair it with a long flowy skirt too. I bought this top in a regular and not a petite simply because the Loft by me didn't carry it in petite. However, I have a long torso and tend to love sweaters to cover as much of my back side as possible. In short, I'm happy with my purchase.

As for the cropped jeans, I'm in love with the indigo wash jeans. When I saw them, I thought about Saturday afternoon wine tastings and picnics on a cool Spring evening... You guys, I'm such a romantic when it comes to clothing. I'm always fantasizing about where I'll wear them.

In other news, these jeans are better than I imagined. I picked them up one size larger than I normally am and in a curvy. I've got hips, friends. I really wanted them to be roomy and I also know Loft jeans tend to stretch out after being worn 2-3 times. With that in mind, they will be a relaxed fit jean in no time.

What are your favorite jeans for a Saturday afternoon?

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