Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Sophisticated Casual with Crystal Touches

Hello darlings! I'll be going back and forth between my Hawaii OOTD and my daily OOTDs to keep things fresh but, also reliving my Hawaii vacation. Today's outfit is something I wore this weekend while running my errands. I didn't have anything taxing to take care of so I stuck to a cute top, bottoms and flats while I walked through Michaels and Fred Meyers.

My youngest sister and I have similar styles but she tends to go a bit more preppy while I always add a bit of a boho flare to it. I'm always adding a crystal for love, lucky or energy. I grab something that connects me with the earth because this dreamer needs grounding. In this case... I grabbed four. I'm the accessories queen, after all!

For this shoot, I'm again super proud of myself...

You guessed it! I bucked up the courage on a Sunday, when my sister was busy, and I shot these photos myself. I know I have a ton to learn, I feel like I say that every time, but in a lot of way it's a personal challenge for me. I'm learning that people aren't as judgemental as I think they are, and if they are... well, I don't have a place for that negativity in my life.

On to the outfit! This is the second time I've tried to photograph this pink top but it keeps showing up ivory! Know that its not. It's pink! I'll try and get a video on IG for you guys to show you.

My jeans are Kut from the Kloth and they're actually going to be turned into shorts for the summer. They're well loved and deserve a semi-retirement. I've got a few DIYs that I'm ready to take on. If I get crafty this weekend, I'll make sure to post about it for you. I know you guys love my DIY posts as well as my post on my Tory Burch flats! That post was written back in August of 2017. They're still one of my coziest shoes and my only pair of flats at the moment. I could use a few more.

What are your favorite pair of spring and summer flats?

Banana Republic Outlet Pink Flowy Top // Kut from the Kloth Jeans (similar) // Kate + Alex Cuffaro Camera Crossbody Bag // Tory Burch 'Minnie' Flat // Target Camel Belt (old, similar) // Large Amethyst necklace (similar) // Rose Quartz Spear Necklace (similar) // Rose Quartz Bracelet // Pearl Bracelet // Target Sunglasses (similar)
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