Sunday, March 24, 2019

Vacation Vibes: Easy Hawaiian Beach Style OOTD

Aloha again, my friends! Today's style post comes with an epic story filled with love for a pair of sandals, their final moments, fire ants, tears of pain and a new pair of Hawaii slippahs. Full story below, after the story of this outfit!

Like many other people, I live a fairly frugal lifestyle. Yes, I love buying new clothes just as much as anyone but I'm also very practical about my purchases. Example, I didn't buy a new bathing suit this year. Many people buy a new bathing suit every year, if they're privileged enough to take a tropical vacation. I couldn't justify spending money on a suit because I had 4 perfectly good ones from previous years. Why am I telling you this?

I'm recycling a lot of pieces in this post today!...

This top is about a year old but I wear it often with a blazer and slacks/jeans for work. I tend to always wear something over it just because the back is completely open but it doubles as a great summer top for that reason. These pants were purchased on my trip to Hawaii last year! They're from my favorite boutique, Mahina but these ones I bought it in Kailua and not Haleiwa. I've worn these pants over the summer in my first ever photo shoot in Seattle. I love that they're relaxed but easy to dress up on the beach.

Now for a tragic tale. My absolute favorite pair of sandals broke after my first outfit photoshoot with Cindy. I walked barefoot over toward town and ended up buying my first ever Hawaiian slippahs. If you don't know what those are, see the last photo above! They are a staple in every Hawaiian home because they are very affordable (about $10), they float in the water and they're easy to wash! They're also very resilient. I bought them with the intention of wearing them to the next few locations and then removing them once there. Going barefoot because they didn't really match my outfits.

Well, the almighty powers at be had another plan! I got through all of two photos until I was jumping in pain from tiny pricks all up my feet. I had stepped in a fire ant colony. Yes, it was incredibly painful!

So, I adapted. Embraced my new found slippahs and made it work! Many many thanks for Cindy for coaching me through the pain and working with me through my trauma. Now every time I look at these photos, it's a kind reminder that not everything goes to plan and you need to work with your surroundings, be adaptable and every little thing, is gonna be alright.

BP Pink Tank (similar) // Mahina Beach Striped Pants (similar, similar and on sale) // Hawaii Slippahs // Abalone Shell Necklace (Handmade!) // Abalone Bracelet (from Whalers General Store) // Melrose & Market Tassel Hoop Earrings (similar)
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