Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Beach Hydration 101

Hello, my lovely friends! I'm back to the cold and rain lingering Seattle but my heart is still watching surfers on the North Shore in Oahu. I've had a few questions about my trip and they both struck up blog post ideas! So, thank you to my wondering IG followers for asking! You guys have the best ideas.

When it comes to traveling, I'm a hydration junkie. I openly admit it. Airplanes suck the moisture right out of your skin. Which is why I always go prepared. For this past trip, we went from not seeing the light of day for 4 months to maximum sun exposure. Yes! Salt and sand are great natural exfoliants but mixed with the sun can be a lot. 

I digress - hydration junkie...

Let's start with hair. My naturally curly hair gets dry around the ends quickly. Especially after forgetting to bring a comb and laying in sea water for hours. My ends appreciates a good mask like everyone else but, for this trip, I brought the Aveda Damage Remedy leave-in conditioner. This delightfully scented product (bergamot, mandarin, ylang-ylang) was terrific on my curls. Though I had to use a handful on my ends, it left my hair feeling light and not weighed down at all. It is a plant based formula and is also a heat protectant, which is perfect after a long hot day in the sun.

Face time! I brought two types of moisturizers for this trip. A day gel and a night cream.

The Dr Jart+ Water Fuse is exactly what it claims to be: the ultimate hydro gel. This sucker packs a punch on dry skin. When I'm traveling, I put this on before I hop on the plane, twice while I'm in flight and then again when I land. Your skin will soak it in fast and since it's a gel, with aloe vera, it's nice and cooling. It always feels amazing after a hot shower and it's perfect to take with you to the beach too.

My night time cream is something I've been using since November-ish. This moisturizer blows my mind a little. Not only do I love the vibes this product radiates, but it has crazy super powers embedded in it too. This cream is Herbivore's Moon Fruit - Superfruit Night Treatment. It's rich in fruits, antioxidants, and has anti-aging qualities. This night cream is free of 7 major beauty additives and is also free of artificial ingredients and gluten. Did I mention cruelty-free and made in the USA?

Last is a mask that I apply once a week. It's the Youth To The People's Superfood Skin Reset Mask. This is another product that is packed with supers. Super food, to be exact. I like that this micro-algae mask doesn't dry on your face, therefore it doesn't dry out your face. Which is what you need after a day, week or summer in the sun. Rich in vitamin K & B12, stuffed with amino acid and minerals, it's a great mask to take with you on a vacation.

I always try to keep these short and sweet for you guys but I'd also love to hear from you! What are your favorite moisturizing products for when you're replenishing your skin?

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