Monday, February 11, 2019

Snowflake Snow Day Sweater

Snowflake Sweater Hunter Boots

Good morning, my lovely friends! This post is exciting for me to share. I overcame my dear and forced myself out of my apartment to snap these photos all by myself. It hadn't snowed for almost 24 hours, then the biggest flakes started fall. Naturally, I touched up my make up, grabbed my camera and tripod and walked outside.

If you're not keeping up with the PNW and our weather, normally Seattle gets about 4-5 inches of snow a year. Last Monday, we got that in a day. We are not at all prepared for this type of weather. Our streets are hilly and our drains overflow. We just don't get snow like this. Rain? Yes! Snow? .... not since the 60s.

Many of us are winter sports fans. Most of my friends are skiers, snowboarders or snowshoers. I'm not one of them. Therefore, I don't have the gear. So, I'm super thankful I invested in a pair of Hunters this year.

Snowflake Sweater Hunter Boots

Winter Black Coat faux Fur Hunter Boots

Snowflake Sweater, Hunter Boots, Black Winter Coat Faux Fur

Snowflake Sweater Hunter Boots

Hunters are the perfect makeshift snow boot. They don't have the ice gutting traction but it's easy to walk through the snow in. Plus, if you have the tall boots, 5-6 inches is nothing.  I love these Hunter boots. They're made from one mold. Therefore, it's impossible to get holes or leaks in them. The ideal boot for a snowy winter day!

My sweater, which is very well made, is from a thirft store! I call this sweater my "snow sweater" because I only wear it when it snows. I won't even wear it in December, unless it's snowing. This post is a lot less about style and more about practicality but I still love the look and feel of the sweater. I don't know if it'll ever go out of style for winter resort wear.

As you can imagine, layers are ideal right now and I'm wearing a lot of them. My zellas are underneath my uniqlos. My cotton tank is under my sweater. The extra fabric is great and really keeps me warm while walking around. Additional warmth is coming from my fleece lined pockets in my coat and my CC beanie covering my ears.

How do you like to layer up in the snow?

Snowflake Sweater (thrifted, similar, similar) // Uniqlo Heattech Leggings // 
Tall Hunter Waterproof Rain Boot // S13 Puffy Coat (sold out, similar, similar) // CC Hat (similar) // 
LOFT Sunglasses (similar) // Tank (unseen, similar) // Zella Live In High Waist Leggings (unseen)
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