Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My Recent Trip to Paris: What I Wore

What I Wore In Paris Winter

If you're following me on instagram, you probably caught a sneak peek of me out and about in Paris! I was fortunate enough to snag an amazing roundtrip deal from Seattle to Paris via Iceland Air and took advantage of having family in the city. Merci, Sandrine, Frederique and Stephane!

My darling cousins were kind enough to host my youngest sister and my mom for 4 nights in the city of love. I ate more bread, macarons and wine then I ever have in my whole life those 5 days but, my word, I was happy. It was bitter cold but my long grey sweater dress, thermals and my S13 puffy jacket saved me from freezing to death. Dramatic much? Always.

After try SO hard gather my whole trip into one post, I've realized it just won't work! So I've broken this post up into 3 sections: What I wore. What I ate. What to do in Paris when it's cold. Today's post is all about what I wore on my day out and about in Paris.

What I Wore In Paris Winter

What I wore.

It was absolutely frigid in Paris but we had a great time walking the streets, getting a little lost and taking advantage of the heat from the Metro. Since it was so cold, I triple layered with thermals, this includes my favorite zellas which I wore under my uniqlo heattech leggings. I wore a stretch cotton tee under my warm sweater dress to keep as much heat from escaping as possible. I absolutely love thermals.

My sweater dress almost didn't make the trip. To be honest, I've been trying to wear more warm colors and incorporate them into my wardrobe. I've discovered that warm neutral tones go really well with my skin color and I would get more use out of my wardrobe if I committed to more warm shades. Especially because they're shades I can wear year round. So get excited for a wardrobe transformation in the future!

This sweater dress, though cool toned and grey, is WARM. It has a mid neck collar, cuffed sleeves and two small slits on the sides to walk easily. I paired it with my darling cousin's Hermes scarf that she let me borrow for the day. It was cozy and luxurious as it was a 100% cashmere and completely drool worthy. I also paired this outfit with my trusty over the knee Vince Camuto boots! Which are new and make me so so happy because they're tall, suede and they're only a 1' heel.

I know! You guys should be proud. I always wear 3'- 4' at all time.

What I Wore In Paris Winter

Last but not least, my warm puffy coat (as mentioned above). I can't believe I almost didn't bring it. That coat has been one of the best purchases I've ever made. I bought it two years ago around Christmas and it has fleece pockets. So, if you forget your gloves, you needn't worry. Speaking of being forgetful, I forgot every single piece of jewelry at home on my dresser. I felt completely naked this whole trip.

What are you favorite pieces to wear when you're traveling in the cold?

Caslon Long Grey Sweater Dress (sold out, almost exact, similar, similar warm tone) // 
 // S13 Faux Fur Trim Jacket (old, similar)

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