Sunday, December 16, 2018

Seattle Holiday Events

Santa and Me

This has been one of the most festive Holiday seasons I've ever had. Maybe it's because I started working on our holiday marketing for work in October. Maybe it's because we had an endless summer. Maybe it's because my heart grew three sizes this year. Who truly knows but I am in it to win it, folks.

Here's are my Christmas recommendations to finish the Holiday season strong!

Shows & Performances
The 5th Ave Theatre is know for Seattle talent. All shows are directed and produced in house and I've seen some of the best shows there! From the Hunchback of Notre Dame to Mama Mia. Annie is sure to be a delight and it's a show my Mom has asked to attend with me. Ticket prices are very reasonable starting at $34 and going as far up to $135. While you're there, a great gift to consider is season tickets to this venue.

Such talent from our local gents! I was able to attend their Holiday show 3-4 years ago and I was absolutely blown away. A wonderful event to go with some friends after a cocktail. These guys are touching hits like "Silver Bells" and "Jingle Bell Rock". Prices vary by seat and location (Seattle vs Tacoma). Benaroya Hall starts at $15 and goes to $79.

I'm very behind in my Seattle night life. No one panic but I've never been to The Triple Door but I've heard great things. This show is, apparently, a Seattle tradition. Many opt to see it over PNB's version. If you're looking for a terrific Holiday Date Night, this would be a great show to attend. Tickets range from $49 to $65 depending on the night.

I saw this on the first day of December. That's how excited I was to experience this version of the Nutcracker this year. Here's my PNB George Balanchine's The Nutcracker post on it!

After Work Events
Monday, December 17th is coming up fast. Lagunitas is hosting this fun fundraising event to provide new programs in 2019 for Minority Veterans of America. A terrific way to give and also mingle during the Holiday season! Tickets are $50 and will feature MC Miss Victoria Eyesli, Empress of Tacoma. There is a silent auction, photo booth, raffles and (according to the flier) giant games!

Rob Roy goes full Christmas spirit with festive cocktails, glasses and a fully decorated bar. Complete with Christmas gifts, a dancing Santa and wrapped art work along the walls. This place is awesome and an absolute much "check out" this season. They go back to their normal vibes December 26th so pop in while you can! Here's one of my OOTD posts from IG to get a sense of the decor! 

Holiday Themed Classes
This class looks great for anyone hoping to make handmade holiday gifts for their neighbors and friends. I've never taken a class by The Work but for a mere $20 you can learn how to make 12 different types of bon-bon. This class also includes taking home a box of assorted bon-bons. Takes place on December 19th! 

The class everyone is hoping to take this season. This event offers your first glass of wine on the house and a miniature wreath kit along with instructions. At $25 for non-members, that's not a bad trade off. This is at the Browne Family Vineyard one 1st on December 21st. 

Something I learned while I worked at Allrecipes is how important it is to have a go-to pie crust recipe. I've written about this in my latest Favorite Pecan Pie post and even shared my pie crust that I always use. I learned from a pastry chef and I can't recommend jumping in on a class like this enough. Though this class is $40 you get the recipe, the practice the art of pie dough but they'll also be serving different varieties of pie during the class. I also support friends who want to learn to bake and cook. It's a skill you'll use everyday. Class is December 20th. 

Holiday Themed Activities Around the City
Oh what fun! I haven't had the opportunity to do this just yet but it's on my list. The last one will be on December 22nd and they begin in Pioneer Square. They are first come, first serve and start at 1pm! 

The carousel will be in the park til Jan 1st and only costs $4 a ride. Great for kids visiting or ... photo ops. Haha! My post on How to Shop for a Winter Coat at a Thrift Store was taken in front of the carousel! It's a great spot for people watching as well.

Ever wanted to Ice Skate around the corner from the Space Needle? Here's your chance! This super cute, well organized rink has kids and adults hitting the ice. If you loved roller blading around a rink as a kid, you'll love this activity. It's hosted by Warm106.8 and only $8 for admission and rental. Open til January 5th!

Though this is a spendy afternoon for tea and crumpets... I desperately want to do it. First of all, the Fairmount Hotel is the creme de la creme in Seattle. It's decorated so beautifully every year and they really go all out, so I hear, at The Georgian. This Holiday High Tea is a steep $75 (see what I did there?) but you are paying for a full experience. Note: They have a Dress Code - Attire for The Georgian is smart casual, a jacket is not required.

A great family friendly event that also serves mulled wine, spiked cider and a selection of beer for those 21and up. Check out the penguins and walk around the park to see the park lit up with lights for winter. Goes til January 5th!

I haven't done this specific run but I have done the Turkey Run in the past. If it's one thing I know, these guys know how to put on a race! The best park is always the Kids Dash at the beginning and the treats they give you at the end. Many people dress up and it's super kid friendly and zero pressure. 

That's it friends. I hope you are all having an amazing Holiday season! 

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