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How to Shop for a Winter Coat at a Thrift Store

How to Shop for a Winter Coat at a Thrift Store

Shopping for coats can not only be costly but exhausting. There are many different types of coats/jackets and finding a nice one for a good price can be daunting. Especially if you're on a budget. Which is why many of my coats from the thrift store.

Shopping for a good quality winter coat is all about timing for the penny-pincher. Example, I bought the coat above in September. If you're from the PNW, you know that September is still considered summer until the last week. Though this period is over for the year, don't let that stress you! You can still find a great coat for a good price but prices might be a little higher. 

This winter black work coat is terrific for my everyday lifestyle. It's super easy to style up and down. I've worn this with a grey sweater and adidas superstars and ran out the door before. I love wearing it with a beanie or with a dress, like pictured above. In short, I love it and I love how versatile it is. 

Are you waiting for me to do the price comparison? 

Everyone knows this is my favorite part about thrifting! I love comparing the price I paid to a similar or exact item match at the store.

How to Shop for a Winter Coat at a Thrift Store

Alright I won't keep you waiting! This long wool blend coat is made by a Canadian brand called Le Chateau. All of their coats are Made in Canada and sell for upwards of $300. This coat was probably sold for around $250, looking at similar items on their site (like the Melton Wool Blend Split Cowl Neck Coat or the Melton Wool Blend Funnel Neck Coat ).  However, I got this beautiful layer of warmth for the steal price of $24.99.

There is a very specific check list I go through before I purchase anything at a thrift store. Items can look perfect, until fully inspected. This has been a series of posts I'm working on in the new year for you. Sharing all my little tips and tricks and secrets. However, in the meantime, this is what I do when I am looking for a coat...

Le Chateau Coat

Rule #1 // Look at the item up close AND afar. Check for stains and imperfections. Don't be shy about it either. Look for a coat that you can give a second life to and one that can work for your lifestyle.

Rule #2 // Check the pockets. I almost bought a beautiful coat that had a wad of gum in it, ink stains that blend through the side pocket and a hole. On a positive note, I have also checked pockets and found money in it.

Rule #3 // Feel for hidden holes. You want a coat that's going to keep you warm not have an unwanted draft. At thrift stores, you gotta check for holes. It's like a game. Sometimes they're hiding in plain sight, other times they're hiding deep within the steams. Some are fixable! Sometimes its worth it to pay to get them fix them and other times you can fix it yourself. Either way, find those nooks and crannies!

Rule #4 // Make sure it fits your style. This isn't the first rule because you don't want to fall in love with something before inspecting it. Inspect and evaluate first. Then try it on and see if it matches your personality and decide if it's a piece you'll wear over and over. If not, for years to come.

Rule #5 // Decide it's worth. Is it actually worth the price? Will you get enough wears out of it to justify the buy? It doesn't matter if it's 5 times or 150. As long as the justification comes from you.

Those are a few of my thrifting rules on how to shop for a coat at a thrift store! What are some of yours?

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