Friday, December 28, 2018

My Favorite Outfits this Year

This year was the year of Peplums & Pie for me. There was more time and energy that was put into my blog this year than ever before. There were a lot of trials and errors and you can really see that through the photography. At the end of the day, I'm really happy with what I've learned and where I am with Peplums & Pie!

My style also changed a bit this year. Which is okay, I think everyone's fashion changes as time goes on. I've changed a lot this year, mentally, physically and I definitely have worked on finding myself this year. Due to that, my style has changed a bit. Some for the better and worse. I love this post simply because I'm able to reflect on what I've done, how far I've come and what I won't be doing in the future.

With that said, here are my favorite outfits this year! (Starting with...)

McQueen: Fashion Meets Film Event - Silk Vintage Animal Print Romper and Cardigan. Both finds from a thrift store and I love them.

Vince Camuto White Dress & Easter Sunday - Still love this dress and can't wait to wear it through 2019.

The Suzzallo Library & Marc Fisher OTK Boot - These boots have become a love of mine and they were a bit out of my comfort zone when I first purchased them. These have been fun to style and can't wait to try them with jeans in the New Year.

Denim Dress & Accessories - You guys, I love my accessories. It's not even a question but this denim dress was a surprise and delight. I purchased it on sale at Nordstrom Rack and wear it more than I thought I would. It's so easy to throw on for work and I love pairing it with sneakers.

Fall Floral Dress & Baker Boy Cap - Ohhhh I love that baker boy hat. I'm still wearing it well into winter and that dress is so easy to throw on for work. You guys know I'm all about throw on and go dresses! 

2018 Seattle Fashion Week & that Jumpsuit (again) - I love this jumpsuit. It was by far one of my absolute favorite purchases from 2018. I bought it at Mahina Boutique and I can't wait to go back their in February!!! Hawaii is always in my heart with this jumper.

Styled Seattle x Gossip & Glamour Holiday Party - I bought this Zara dress in the summer of 2017 in Madrid and I love it. It pairs perfectly with my knee highs. Embroidery always makes me happy which is why I'll keep re-styling this beauty for years to come.

My Velvet Holiday Party Dress - Last because it's my last favorite outfit from the year! I can't wait to style this dress casually. It's so comfortable and I love love love my thrifted red leather jacket. It's an amazing way to give a piece of clothing a second life. More on how to fix up and care for secondhand leather in 2019!

Favorite Outfits 2018

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