Thursday, December 13, 2018

Must Watch Christmas Movies on Netflix

Love Peplum and Pie

My cousin and I are what my sister likes to call "Hallmark Queens" and she's not one to talk, neither is my mother. Haha. So yes! Our love for insanely sappy predictable cheesy rom-coms is a family trait but never-the-less, it's a trait we embrace. It's also something that brings us together, even if we're very far away.

One // Christmas with A View. Bonnie, the best friend is the best part of the whole movie. I don't care what anyone says. Overall the movie is quite predictable in the best way possible. I definitely teared up and that can sum up the whole movie right there. Anytime someone has lost their parents or hasn't been able to experience Christmas like I have been privileged to... is always a tear jerker for me. Let's be real here, I'm a sucker for that Holiday spirit. This one had a super optimistic happy ending and I feel like everyone got what they deserved in the end.

Two // The Holiday Calendar, not to be confused with The Christmas Calendar which is a Hallmark original. This is one of those movies that puts you in your place. One where you think you know what's best for the main character... but in the end, Christmas spirit puts you in your place and you realize you need to stop looking for Mr. Perfect because he's right there in front of you. There's also a little bit of magic that always seems to help the movie right along. In short, it's a cute movie with cute people and a cute ending. It's alllll cute, cute, cute.

Three // The Princess Switch is awkwardly amazing merely because two strangers are swapping places and it's straight up stressful. One is a complete by-the-schedule kind of gal and the other is a royal free spirit. Pick a side, any side, and you'll be at the mercy of awkwardness. On the other hand, there are so many gestures of kindness throughout the movie. The spirit of giving, volunteerism and helping your neighbors. It strikes up all the feels and you can't help but being emotional.

Four // Merry Kissmas. Do you have a friend who's deserves better in her relationship? This movie is great for that specific friend to watch with you. This is how a woman, Kayla, finds her self worth again. She's gets a little push from a super hot caterer owner (PLL's Noel). He helps her see how a different relationship can look and feel. Though a bit strange and definitely feels like morals are being bent, it ends happily and, *spoilers*, a very clearly sponsored gift from Kays Jewelers.

Five // The Christmas Wedding Planner was a surprise and delight. Mostly because Joey Fatone makes a guest appearance (and I love him). The main character is highly relatable. She can't do anything to meet her Aunt's standards. She's a little clumsy. She's always in the clouds. Her motto is "I'm a fierce warrior..." and you kind of love her more and more. Especially when she tried to stand up for herself or someone she loves. It's not a relatable movie by any means. I sincerely doubt many people hire a private detective because they don't like someone's fiancé but in the end it was a happy ending. A completely outrageous an unadvisable ending but it was cute never-the-less. 

Six // The Spirit of Christmas is by far my favorite Christmas movie on Netflix for very personal reasons. The year before last my grandmother was in her last months and my cousin and I were emotionally drained and exhausted when we discovered this movie. The entire movie we kept saying "what IS THIS?" and then "but he's a spirit! He's a ghost though!" and then toward the end all we could yell was "THIS BETTER END HAPPY!!" over and over. In short, this is the perfect Christmas movie for when you're feeling a little down or you're under the weather. It makes the impossible possible. Spoilers - It ends happy!

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