Friday, December 14, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide for the Hostess

5 Holiday Gifts for the Hostess
I know my hostesses well enough to know that I shouldn't buy them anything for their home unless you know them on a deep deep deep level. I have a few general rules I follow when it comes to my friends and one of those rules is never buying them anything their their walls or to set out. Rule number two, I always get a gift receipt no matter what.

I'm not saying that hostesses are picky. On the contrary, I actually find them to be the most adaptable because they don't like to make people feel uncomfortable. Which is why I purposely get them something that won't make them uncomfortable or obligated.  Shall we chat gifts?

One // A Wine Club or gift basket. This is for your really good friend that you love dearly. You know their favorite local winery and you know they like reds over white, etc. This is a terrific gift that can be shipped straight to their door 2-4 times a year. I am never upset when I receive wine as a gift. It always goes to use and they're terrific to re-gift if you're not in love with a specific type. Pro-tip: Washington wines have some of the best in the country. Some right up their with Napa Valley. My favorite local winery is Robert Ramsey and Mark Ryan.

Two // Capri Blue's Volcano Scented Candle. A Cult classic, let's be honest. Everyone wants their home to smell like Anthropologie. Well, this is Anthro's signature candle. Plus, this design is chic and perfect for any home. It'll blend in beautifully. It's a great blend of tropical fruit and "sugared citrus". I actually recommend this candle to any friend looking for a gift for their sisters.

Three // Becoming by Michelle Obama. The ultimate Boss Woman will love reading about another boss woman. Though I haven't read this book yet, it's been number one on New York's Best Sellers for 2 weeks running and it's also on my book club's list! Women around the world are hitting the 5 star button and loving this book. Thus, so will your hostess!

Four // Salad Servers. It might be great to do some snooping. Maybe see if she owns a pair of these or not or if she needs multiple for different occasions but this is why my second rule is about gift receipts. These goldtone-plated stainless steel servers are minimal and elegant. Maybe I'm looking for me but these are beautiful and can be mixed with many salad bowls.

 Five // Peace Lily. House plants are a great Holiday gift for your hostess. My personal favorite is a peace lily because it's universal and not restricting to the holiday season. It's also is symbolic for many elements you might want to wish upon your friend, like peace and hope. It's supposed to be great for psychic balancing as well as purifying. Peace lilies are very calming and they can also be terrific for Feng Shui. Best yet, you can ship them via amazon.

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