Thursday, November 8, 2018

An Easy Friendsgiving

Easy friendsgiving outfit, dress, booties, silk scarf, gold earrings, cheeseboard and crossbody
Guys! I was kindly invited to my first Friendsgiving this year! I'm so excited to meet new friends and keep the old. The number one thing on my mind is, surprisingly, not my wardrobe. It's my contribution! I've been on a recipe hunt for at least a week now. I'm in charge of a side dish and I can't decide between an easy garlic and green bean recipe or corn bread. I'm leaning more toward the green bean route. I'll let you know what I go with.

This outfit is exactly like the title: easy. That's the beauty of Friendsgiving in the PNW, it's a wonderful time to get together but it's not too fancy (unless it's on the invite). My invite was a group text so I know it's going to be a cozy night. More about eating and drinking wine than clothes. Which is totally fine in my book. Come December, I've already been invited to a few Holiday party and Christmasy events!

So this outfit is almost exactly what I'm going to wear but my dress is sold out online. This dress isn't any, honestly, this is a better Friendsgiving dress because it's got way more room around the middle. There's more room to eat!

I thought warm colors would be terrific for this social because the weather is only getting cooler but I love browns and maroons so much. If it you want to class it up a little or need more warmth, just add tights.

one // This Madewell Skyscraper Merino Wool Sweater Dress is perfect for Friendsgiving for the shape alone. It's cute, easy to wear with anything and perfect for dressing up a little or down. You could pair this dress with high knee boots and get the similar look but would a little more dressed up. Pair with tights and flats for a more relaxed vibe.

two // On my search for a great side recipe, I cam across the idea of bringing a cheese board as an appetizer. This Pedestal Serving Board is on same for less than $25 and would also make a great hostess gift. I'm considering this or a nice bottle of red. If your friend is minimalistic, definitely go for the bottle. If your friend just moved in, the cheese board would be a nice gesture.

three // Since I'll be wearing a scarf during dinner, I'm going to wear a chic pair of gold Disc Drop Earrings. Similar to the ones above. I love how the gold mixes with the small diamonds and has a art deco feel to them. They'd match anything in my closet right now.

four // I honestly don't know if I own a silk scarf but this one is beautiful and under $100 which officially makes it a terrific gift scarf too. I love the tassels on this Silk Square Scarf and how to vintage design pairs so nicely with the earrings above. The color matches my mood completely. 

five // Please don't be surprised that I put my Marc Fisher Alva Bootie on this vision board. Haha! We all know how much I love these shoes and how I own them in two colors. I'm just proving my point that they go well with everything. I have no problem wearing these everyday but they're terrific for a Friendsgiving because they're easy to slip on and off at the door. They're also a blocked heel so they're not too loud and won't damage hardwood floors. I'll list a few of my other outfits with these boots below.

six // We all know you can't go wrong with a Simple Leather Crossbody Bag. This one is from Madewell and is the sister to the tote I own and love so much. A tote would also look cute with this outfit but I went with a crossbody because I hate lugging things around with my to special events. The easier going the better.

I hope this outfit can help those of you on the hunt for the perfect Friendsgiving outfit. Let me know if I should do a dressy option!

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