Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Baker Boy Hat & Starbucks Stops

What a great and relaxing weeekend! I hope each of you were able to enjoy and take full advantage of the time off before heading back into work. As many of you know (probably via IG), I was able to take a mental health day (MHD) on Friday and it was perfect. I did so much and I was able to focus on all of the things I truly wanted to do, not just the things I should do... which is how I carried my vibes into the weekend.

There's something to be said about taking care of yourself physically. We all try so hard to add that into our daily, weekly, monthly routines. We often forget about our mental health and well being, which was the main reason for taking off Friday. I haven't had a proper vacation in months, as I've been saying my PTO for a trip in February. I took it upon myself to invested in a day to put myself in check. Make sure I rest properly, actually wash my sheets, do a proper skincare/haircare regimen and, above all, treat myself to a little online shopping and binge watching.

This outfit is beyond easy to throw together and one I replicate often because of how cozy my sweater is. The color is amazing and I wish they had others because this is one of those sweaters you want to own in every hue. My booties are, of course, my favorite Marc Fishers in the brown. There's not much to say about this outfit other than... can you believe I'm wearing my baker boy cap again?! Haha! I'm definitely getting my money's worth. Still on sale, btw.

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