Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Plaid Skirt & Black Cashmere Top

Black Cashmere Sweater, Tweed plaid Skirt, Office Outfit

This is our first rainy Autumn weekend and, boy-o-boy, my sister and I learned something about photoshoots in the rain! First off, I'm a PNWer through and through. Despite the tiny, insignificant fact that I was born on the East Coast, I grew up on this coast. And that means one thing: I don't believe in umbrellas.

I know, silly, but the rain here is different from everywhere else. It's always raining here but our rain doesn't just coming down. Our rain comes at you side ways, down ways, upways and straight-at-your-face-ways! However... photoshoots will here on out require an umbrella because this crazy-curly-haired monster can't withstand 25 minutes in an outdoor shower.

Black Cashmere Sweater, Tweed plaid Skirt, Office Outfit

Black Cashmere Sweater, Tweed plaid Skirt, Office Outfit

Black Cashmere Sweater, Tweed plaid Skirt, Office Outfit

Black Cashmere Sweater, Tweed plaid Skirt, Office Outfit, Peplums and Pie

Oh friends, my hair was curled and gorgeous. I'm talking, like, instagram worthy hair and then my PNW ego got the best of me. My curls straightened and by the end of the shoot, I looked a frizzy haired ball of fluff that spent too long in the dryer. Even worse, you should have seen me trying to brush my out my hair afterward. Lesson learned! I will be investing in a transparent umbrella. My poor sister listened to me complain the whole time. S, bless you, girl! 

Let's move on from the weather and my hair. How about we talk today's outfit. 

I think this might be the year of the plaid skirt. We all know I'm a sucker for plaid. I own quite a few skirts, most notably the one I posted from last December: Plaid Wrap Mini & a Boatneck. Nordstrom is completely stocked up on plaid skirts for this holidays. However,  I like how this one is bright blue and yellow. It reminds me of Cher from Clueless or Veronica from Riverdale. (Side convo: Is anyone else watching that show?!) 

My top is an amazing thrift store find. A beautiful well maintained cashmere sweater. Again, my favorite kind of cashmere is one that I can give a second life to. Just like my thrifted Red Leather Jacket! This top was really well taken care of when I bought it. To keep it well preserved, I got it dry cleaned but now,  I wash it on gentle and in cold water. I also line dry it. 

That it loves, a great office outfit for you! 

Black Cashmere Top (thrifted, similar, similar) // Halogen Button Detail Plaid Skirt (Love this other color, and this long one) // Black Nine West Pumps (similar) // Rebecca Minkoff Bree Crossbody (Almond left) // Pearl Earrings (unseen) // Heirloom Ring
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