Thursday, October 25, 2018

Oatmeal Sweater & Baker Boy Hat

oversized fall sweater sitting on steps

Two times a year I have a full wardrobe swap. There are two bins in my closet that rotate twice a year. Once for Summer and once again for Winter. This is a technique I learned from my Mom growing up. It prevents be from over purchasing a new wardrobe every season. This way I can recycle from the previous year.

This sweater is not only an oldie but a thrifted oldie to boot! Bought for $5 at the Value Village and going strong for 4 years now. What a find, right? 

Generally I don't wear a belt with this sweater but it's so oversized that it's versatile. I can easily wear it off the shoulder (which is how I normally wear it) or off both shoulders. You can also wear it pulled all the way down in the front to make it look extra chic and more buttoned up. 

On cooler days I add a long sleeve tee-shirt underneath. Which is perfect when you need that extra  layer of warmth. Gosh I love a good oversized sweater! Don't you? Nothing says Autumn like it. 

You guys know my love for accessories. The more of a statement I can make the better. There's always something that stands out in my outfits. In this case, I think it's my Baker Boy Hat! Which is on sale right now so act fast, friends. I'm loving it and will be wearing through the new year. I don't know how yet, but I'll make it happen! 

What pieces of clothing says Autumn to you?

Ann Taylor Oatmeal Sweater (thrifted, similar, similar) // Uniqlo Leggings (similar) // 
Marc Fisher Ltd Alva Bootie, Black Leather // Zara Green Leather Handbag (old, similar) // 
  Bp. Corduroy Baker Boy Hat, Green (50% off!) // Heirloom Gemini Ring // 
Amethyst Ring (similar)

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