Friday, October 19, 2018

Good Sport Grey Hoodie & Favorite Black Leather Jacket

front of outfit, side glance

Hello Friends! Anyone else a big walker? I love setting aside time to grab a girlfriend and walk around the lake, the sound or my own neighborhood. There's something so calming and therapeutic about walking through my city in the afternoon. 

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Good Sport Hoodie

Good Sport Back

front outfit

This outfit also happens to be my errand outfit and my "walk around the neighborhood" outfit. It's so easy and casual. This new sweatshirt is honestly my new favorite. I get home from work and change into it a lot. No restrictions. Just comfort. I absolutely love the crisscrossing of the back. It adds a flare of sexiness to the overall look. 

My walks are normally 30-45 minutes. They've gone up to be and hour and a half before with my friend, R. She's my active friend and someone I love traveling with. Do any of you have a travel friend that just clicks with you? 

Well, R is that friend to me. We travelled to Hawaii in February together and are planning out next trip soon. The whole time we were active. We hiked all through the Island and when we weren't moving, we were eating! 

If you're following me on the IG, you know it's been a strange week for me. I'm completely off on my timing. I haven't been sleeping well all week. Its affecting my blogging time which is causing a little anxiety. I have a full list of posts to get up but I'm positive that I can get caught up this weekend.  Regardless of blogging, I haven't gone for a walk all week which is abnormal for me. I normally go 3-4 times a week.

I'm hoping this post will get us both motivated to get out and take care of ourselves this weekend! 

Grey Hoodie - Good Hyouman Dominic Good Sport Hoodie // Black Leather Jacket - Caslon (almost exact match) // High Waist Legging - Zella // Shoes - Adidas Superstar // 
Rings - Stella & Dot and Heirloom // Lipstain - YSL, 07 Nu Interdit
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