Friday, September 14, 2018

The Versatile Beret

New brooch and old brooch

I suppose I could have named this post "How to change up your beret" but The Versatile Beret sounded like a great chapter of a style book. 

If you haven't figured it out, this is the ultimate swap out! I picked up this Zara beret at the end of winter last year. It was on sale and I didn't like the pin that was sewn onto it. It was missing a gem stone and its also silver, which as we all know, isn't my favorite tone. I'm a gold-tone queen, all the way. 

Beret with old brooch and scissors

snipping the threads on beret

Placing new vintage brooch on beret

vintage brooch on beret

Vintage Brooch on Beret and full outfit

The past month, I was out on a girls trip in Lake Chelan, WA. The smoke was awful and thick, so the air was extremely dangerous and it was recommended to stay indoors as much as possible. Before heading home, my good friend and I stopped into a local antique store where they had 30+ different vintage pins! 

This gold tone brooch has faux pearls as acorns spoke to me. So I bought it! It was perfect for my black beret and I knew it would take me right into Fall. 

This past weekend I went to the Alexander McQueen documentary event at Pacific Place in downtown Seattle. The invite dress code was "Fall Trend". I knew that it was going to require my beret with the new pin!

So, I got my new pin, my scissors and got to work. I had to snip off the threads that kept the old brooch to the beret. It was really easy to add the new pin on because it was literally a pin! Not like the old one. I'm so happy I didn't have to sew it on. The beauty of having a pin is that I can easy trade it out come winter and spring. 

If you're headed into Chelan, I highly recommend stopping into Stage Stop Antiques over on Webster Ave. They have a unique story and they have a ton of history of the local area. The shop was recently taken over by the original owner's daughter and son-in-law. They are the kindest folk around. I'll be going back the next time I head out there! 

Black Beret - Zara (old,  similar, similar, burgundy!) // 
Brooch - Vintage (can be found on etsy and ebay!)

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