Monday, September 17, 2018

Shoulder Bow Jumpsuit & French Style Scarf

Julia Jordan Shoulder Bow Jumpsuit Scarf

Welcome to Queen Anne Hill, not Paris. Shocked? The location for our photoshoot was chosen because I have an unnatural obsession with Queen Anne's many and legendary staircases. Exploring Seattle has become a hobby this year. Walking every street in my neighborhood and a few sectors over is my personal challenge. This staircase is attached to the Wilcox wall which was built between 1913 and 1915. Not as old as Paris but regardless, this beautiful wall has seen a lot. Including my latest jumpsuit obsession!
I own quite a few jumpsuits and rompers, as well know from my previous posts. See the following:
Adding to this collection, I looked for a jumpsuit that will go nicely into Fall. That I can layer easily and also add a collared button up underneath. For now, I'll stick to no sleeves since it's still warm out. For accessories, I went minimal with a lovely thrifted scarf tied in a french style and basic gold jewelry. One, a heirloom of my Grandmothers that I love and definitely don't wear enough. It was perfect to pair with this jumpsuit. I was certainly channeling her spirit with the scarf.

Who's style do you mimic on occasion? Dets below, mon amies!

Thrifted Square Scarf Details

Julia Jordan Shoulder Bow Jumpsuit Pine on wall

thrifted square scarf and green jumpsuit

Julia Jordan Shoulder Bow Jumpsuit

Gold Ring Details

Jumpsuit - Julia Jordan Shoulder Bow Jumpsuit (similar) // Square Scarf - Thrifted
(similar, similar) // Gold Watch - Marc by Marc Jacob (similar) // Gold Pearl Ring - Heirloom //
Flip Coin Ring - old (similar) // Round Drop Earrings - Nordstrom Rack (old, similar)

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