Monday, September 10, 2018


McQueen Documentary Outfit,

Per the norm, I showed up to an event exactly as the invite's dress code suggested "favorite fall trends". Well, did you see my last post on Fall Trends 2018? I'm a walking example of those trends:

1) Leopard - check
2) Hat - check check
3) Long Duster - checkkkkk

I can not be saved from fall fashion. It's my favorite time of year to be stylish and trendy. There are elements and layers you don't get with any other season. This is when real Seattle style shines.

Now, let's get to this amazing event...

Forefront suicide prevention slide

photobooth pic and rose water

McQueen Documentary Event Outfit,

The McQueen: Fashion Meets Film Event was a terrific event. The sponsors really went out of their way to make us all feel welcome and spoke so elegantly before the movie started.

Many of you may not know McQueen's history and long life suffering of mental illness. This documentary truly spoke to that, opening up the artist's inner demons to the watcher. McQueen took him own life back in 2010 and it's something our country, hell, our city doesn't talk a lot about. Mental health and the burden and stress it causes a lot of people. Even our neighbors. Which is why I was so happy to hear that 100% of the proceeds of this event went to Forefront Suicide Prevention.

Again, this topic isn't something that often comes up in conversation around family and friends. Not until the worst has happened. To me, this event meant a lot because I have been a victim of losing someone to suicide. I can tell you first hand that it changes your life in a moment and it's something you'll never truly understand. My family has had a history of mental health which is why I find it so important to utilize those mental health days on your calendars.

As for the McQueen documentary, I cannot recommend it enough. It shows the artist that was McQueen from his early poor starving artist days to his high moments in the fashion kingdom of Creative Director of Givenchy. He is raw, unapologetically crude, twisted and, yet, completely revolutionary. He pushed people out of their seats and forced them to stretch their minds with every single runway show he'd done. Some of the most beautiful work I've ever seen in my life. A visionary.

Find a way to see this film!

Romper - Vintage (thrift store find, similar, similar) // Belt - Thrifted (similar) // 
Cardigan - Thrifted (similar, similar) // Bangles - Thrifted // Black Booties - 14th Union (similar) //
Black Crossbody - Rebecca Minkoff (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, sold out, similar) //
Beret - Zara (similar) // Brooch - Vintage
Special thanks for my friend Ishea, over at six twenty seven blog for taking my pictures! 

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