Sunday, September 23, 2018

First Day of Autumn & Apple Picking

holding an apple in the apple orchard

Summer has officially sunset and Autumn is in full rotation! I plunged in, friends. Do you remember last year when I tried very hard to have an Adventure in Apple Picking? But the U-Pick was closed for the season. Well, I learned my lesson and I followed my own advice. I reached out to the farm 2 weeks ago to find their opening date. Guess what today was! That day!

honey crisp apple close up

weight sign at apple orchard

bag of apples

in the apple orchard

Our adventure started out a bit wild. We got to the Farm (The Farm at Swans Trail) and I changed into my Green Hunter Rain Boots because it started to sprinkle. Then it started to pour! Now, I have no reason to complain. I know the Carolinas are in terrible shape right now after the recent hurricanes. I've also lived in the PNW since I was 4. We know how to deal with rain. It literally will rain on our parade, but we carry on!

My friend and I got on our hay ride anyway and made the trek out to apple orchard. There were some of the biggest fruit I've ever seen in my life! These apples were ready for picking and they came off the branches with a mere touch. Did I mention how sweet they are? Like candy, you guys.

Some were so full they barely fit in our hands. It was such a fun experience to be able to do something I used to do growing up.

Now, because it poured, my hair didn't stay straight long and I eventually had to pull it back. I also got lucky because I was only going to wear my North Face Vest until I saw the clouds coming in. I happened to remember my trusty Zella coat in the back seat of my car. #thankgoodness

On the way back, we stopped into Snohomish for some lunch. I highly recommend that little town. It has the friendliest people and such pretty views of the country side. However, once we decided to go home to the city... it was dumping rain. To the point where no one could go the speed limit because it was dangerous on the highway. It was so terrible that you could barely see your own lane! That is not normal for Washington. However, we did make it home just fine and by the time we reached Seattle's city limits, it was bright and the sun was trying to come out! Such a strange day.

In the end, I got 7lbs worth of apples the size of two fists and I'm trying to decide what to make with them. Can suggestions?

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