Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Fall Trends 2018

2018 Fall Trends, Leopard Print, Hats, Long Duster Coats //

Watching the rain, hot cups of tea, snuggly blankets and layering. Lately Fall has been in the air. Maybe it's the smoke that's been tricking our minds into thinking it's the fog. The mornings feel like October and the air is so fresh and crisp in the evenings. This Fall is going to be great, I can feel it!
As for major trends I've noticed this year, there are a few on my mind and a pieces I'm looking for. The top one, which everyone can clearly see from Vogue, Balenciaga, Saks Potts to Alice & Olivia is leopard print everything. Animal is actually in but primarily leopard. It's everywhere!

Hat are also really big. Last year I wrote a post about floppy hats in season. I actually had an OOTD with one, back when I had brown hair and blood shot eyes from allergies. Haha. Floppy hats are making a come back but honestly the fiddler, baker and newsboy hats are the ones that are making waves this year. An awesome runway show with a ton of hats in it is Christian Dior's Fall Ready to Wear show. Amazing inspiration for the season.

Last but now least - Long Duster Coats! They are everywhereeeee. Some of them look like long dresses, they're so lovely. Chanel's runway show was consumed with long beautiful plaid coats and I couldn't get enough of them. You should definitely check out the video show or the photos on Vogue.

My top picks are below! Happy shopping for Fall, y'all!

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