Monday, August 27, 2018

I Had My First Photoshoot & Here's What I Learned (Part 2 of 2)

I had my first photoshoot. Here's what I learned. Part two // peplums & pie

Welcome to the second half of my first photoshoot! What a fun ride. In my last post, we touched on a 5 key elements I learned on my first ever shoot for my blog. As previously mentioned, maintaining my blog hasn't been the hard part. My creative mind is always moving and the wheels are constantly turning but being able to capture theses moments have been increasingly difficult. Especially this summer. With Fall around the corner and the light fading fast in the morning and night, well, I wanted to come up with another solution since I love my blogging hobby so much. 

I also don't want to let you guy down! So, without much more introduction, here are 5 additional key discoveries I made on my first ever photoshoot.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

I Had My First Photoshoot & Here's What I Learned (Part 1 of 2)

Leaning against a wall // peplums & pie

Here at Peplums & Pie, I'm a one woman show but over the past year it's been increasingly difficult to create quality photos. Normally it's me, my tripod and 15 minutes before running out the door to catch the bus. Then there's editing. Which if you know anything about photography, can take a long time when you're not an expert.

So, this past month Peplums & Pie sought out a little help and worked with a local photographer for the first time. If you're a follower, you've probably noticed a huge difference in my photos from Warm Red Sweaters & Distressed Jeans to Denim Dress & Accessories, to my latest White Tank and Striped Beach Pants post. The difference is pretty significant and the organization is surprisingly less because I can actually have the time to organize my outfits and not be running out the door.

With that said, there were also a lot of concerns on my end. Starting with a strange moment of panic and flash backs to senior portraits in high school. Additionally a huge realization that I am not a model. Did I seek guidance and trust in my photographer? Girllll, this is the biggest learning I had from this experience. The answer is: Always trust your photographer.

So here's what I learned:

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

How to Shop an Anthropologie Sale Successfully

Anthropologie Summer Sale Recommendations and Montage // // Peplums & Pie

This morning, Anthopologie sent an email saying "1000+ NEW Fresh Cuts". At first, my mind went to the trash icon on my phone. To be honest, my everyday job is in Marketing. Not exactly one to fall for copy but the images in the email got me. Anthro always has the best photoshoots.

Long story short, my basket got filled with items! Don't even ask how that happened. But, before just hitting the "checkout" button, I also stopped, took a breath and found not only a strategy but gave myself some ground rules for my morning.

In short, here's: How to Shop an Anthropologie Sale Successfully.

Monday, August 6, 2018

White Tank & Striped Beach Pants

BP square neck tank with breezy beach pant from Mahina // Peplums & Pie

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work with a local photographer with every intention of writing about my experience but life got in the way. Note to self, July and December equals work-overload. Hopefully that will allow me to cut myself a break in the future. 

This weekend was the first weekend I really celebrated summer. I walked the Discovery Park trails, went on an amazing Electric Boating event with the non-profit I volunteer with and I got to attend a BBQ on the top of a rooftop deck! I love you Summer.