Tuesday, July 31, 2018

How to Wear all White & Pull it off

How to wear all white and pull it off // Blogger Style //  peplumsandpie.com

I did not mean to take a full hiatus during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year. So many fellow bloggers posted what they were hoping to get and also shop the sale early. I was one of the unlucky ones that just had to wait my turn. There has been a lack of inventory, I would say, this year than in the past. It's possibly because it was the biggest event yet. What is also is, is incentive to get the Nordstrom card.

Beside the fact that I didn't get everything on my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog Preview & Favorites post. I was able to snag a few items that I'll share with all of you soon. It's been a busy few weeks but I am looking forward to committing time toward my blog from here on out.

As for my outfit, this was posted to my IG a few weeks ago. The vibe of this outfit really fit the mood that day, though some of my co-workers said it looked like an outfit that belonged on beach resort. Specifically, drinking sangria by the pool. A vibe we should all inspire to have! Though there was a lot of joking it was complimented on by everyone. There was even a woman who approached me at the bus stop to ask where my blouse was from! There was also a man who wanted to get his wife a similar outfit for their vow renewal. It was really sweet to get stopped and complimented while out on my coffee break or headed home.

It was a great reminder to try and compliment others. It always brightens someone's day. Especially when they least expect it. If you think it, you might as well say it out loud. That will be a goal for this week.

As for "how to pull off this look", well, it's definitely a mind set. There are days where an outfit will sit in my mind. Once it's in my mind, something in my can'r and won't be dropped until it's been tried on. It's all in your personality and mental state. If you love something enough you will shine wearing it. Which is how these white wide leg pants make me feel. It helps to be optimistic and trust your instincts. It's similar to mixing patterns. Even if you don't know if you're pulling it off or not: pretend you are. No one will question you. If fact, they might even compliment your boldness.

With that said, it helps if your clothes fit you well. These pants were altered and taken up 3 whole inches before they fit me perfectly. They were tailored in 3 inch heels so they will only be worn with pumps. This not only helps give me height but it slims me down  too. My silk top is purposely not tucked in, to give myself more of a carefree vibe. My hair in an up-do because there was 5 minutes left to get ready in the morning. Which helped with my carefree mentality.

The point: Know who you are and who you want to be. Once you know that, you can pull anything you want off.
How to Wear all White and Pull it off // Style Blogger // peplumsandpie.com

How to wear all white and pull it off // Style Blogger //  peplumsandpie.com

Silk Blouse - classique entier (similarsimilar) // White Wide Leg Pants - Nanette Lapore (sold out, similarsimilar - high end but gorgeous) // Faux Gold Diamond Studs (similar - anniversary item!, similar - also anniversary item!) // Sunglasses (BP, similar) // Nude Pumps - Nine West (sold out, similar - anniversary item!)

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