Friday, June 15, 2018

Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

A father's day guide of gifts, help finding a father's day gift

Father's Day is coming in hot, friends, and I'm here with a quick little guide to help make your lives a little bit easier. This past year, my parents decided to make a huge change and move into a two bedroom apartment complex and live out their younger years all over again. They couldn't be happier in their little place. They went from a 3 door garage, 5 bedroom home with a den to a mere 1,200 sq ft. Impressive right? 

With the downsize, they got rid of a lot. A LOT. My dad is a pretty simple guy. He loves the little things in life, literally. Especially since they've moved. So I stuck to the basics keeping my Dad in mind and also thinking about what my Dad loves, for yours. 

I'll start with the sunglasses. My Daddy-o is blind as a bat, poor boy. This year he splurged and bought himself a pair of prescription sunnies for when he's on his motorcycle or barbecuing on the back patio. He lovvvess them. These are a classy pair of Ray-Bans but my Pops is a fan of Tom Ford. 

H2O is a must for my D-A-D. He goes to the gym every single day after work and he's the most organized gym rat I'm ever met. He has a specific bag for his dirty clothes so they won't stink up his backpack. Shoe scents for his shoes so they stay fresh. But most of all his trusty water bottle. I love my hydro flask for hiking and so does he. It's a quality gift for Father's day. 

There's nothing more in this whole world that my Dad loves than his college team. Lawd, if I had a dollar. This man wears purple and gold every waking moment he's outside of the office. These cuff links are perfect for any Padre who just loves his ala mater. 

The fitbit. Not only does my home-boy have a fitbit but he actually wears two! He got one from work and it does "something different from something" (I wasn't listening. I was too busy laughing because he was wearing two of them. Sorry Dad). Long story short, my gym obsessed father tracks everything and this really helps him out and reminds him to stay mobile. If your Pops likes to compete with himself, this is a great gift. Maybe buy him two! 

Music for the barbecue, music for the bike, music for hikes. You can't go wrong with a bluetooth speaker. This would be perfect for the bathroom. Instead of crazy out-of-sync whistling, maybe he'll keep with Billy Joel's tempo. No promises though. 

Last but not least, beef jerky. Is your dad a jerky buff? Some of my best memories are taking long car trips with my parents and my Dad always eating jerky and sunflower seeds. These are all natural, grass-fed and nitrate free jerky to keep your Père's protein up. These packets are also considered Paleo-Friendly for those on the diet. 

There you have it, my loves. 6 perfect gifts for dear ol' Pa. I hope you guys get the chance to celebrate your favorite humans who you consider a Dad. 

Sunglasses - Ray Bans // Cuff Links - Cuff Links, Inc // Fitbit 2 - Fitbit // 
Wide Mouth Bottle - Hyrdo Flask // Bluetooth Speaker - Bose // NatureBox - Paleo Beef Jerky

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