Friday, May 18, 2018

Boho Vibes & That Black Jumpsuit Again...

Do you ever buy something and you think to yourself "I'm probably only going to wear this once", and then you wear it an average of 1-2 times a week? This black jumpsuit IS that purchase. No other outfit compares. There is nothing so comfortable or freeing.
It's so loose and carefree that it makes me look bigger than I am. Do I care? Absolutely not! It's a no thought, no mess, throw on and go dreamin' outfit. That is what this jumpsuit is.

I've paired this jump suit with quite a few styles so far. This one seems a little off the wall because of the patterns and colors. I've never quite been one to follow the rules when it comes to mix and matching. Sometimes I strongly debate with myself if I'm making my outfit work. To which I proudly wear my mind and decide I can make it work if I just believe it. Which is what happened with my crazy mix of patterns with this outfit.

Can we have a moment to appreciate blocked heels coming back? Like, yassssss. Not only are they cute but, for the love, the are comfortable! You could run in them and not die! These are quality reasons to buy and wear them everyday.

Items are listed below, along with a few other block heels that I'm eyeing.

Black Jumpsuit - Mahina Boutique Haleiwa, HI // Velvet Kimono - Chloah (similar) // Tassel Earrings - Nordstrom Rack (Sold out, similar, similar) // Floral Sandals - CL by Laundry // Bangles - Assorted Thrift Finds // Gold Bracelets - Grift from Grandmother // The Wishing Necklace - Stella & Dot // Delicate Double Necklace - Stella & Dot // Rose Quartz Crystal Point -
Banana Republic (similar) // Sunglasses - BP (similar)

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