Saturday, March 17, 2018

Pink Laced Top & High Waisted Wide Leg Jeans

facing camera smiling and leaning

High wasted "cropped" jeans. There are times when being petite isn't so glamorous. Any concert that insists upon "general admission"as "seating", or as I like to call it... standing with no space. At a company meeting and any one above 5'3 sits in front of you. The list goes on.
However, our small victories lie in the women's department where we can make out like bandits in the "chopped" pants section. Personally, I'm never looking for cropped pants unless I'm buying workout gear but cropped pants has become very trendy during Spring and Summer the past few years. Lucky for me, and any other petite woman, cropped pants happens to be the perfect length regularly hemmed petite denim. And hallelujah! to that.

A girlfriend and I were discussing how it always bothered us how tall women got to the petite section in search of skirt and dresses. On them, they're mini skirts! I always used to be offended and think "get out of my section!" It hit me today that I could go into the "tall" section and get anything altered. Anything at all! Take in, brought up, hemmed, etc. It would fit. I could alter it to be perfect while the poor, darling talls of the world normally can't find long enough pants to not be cropped.

The grass is always greener, right?

So for my dear tall friends out there, I do apologize for complaining about you shopping in my section. You take as many mini skirts as you need. Please don't mind me grabbing your crops. <3

Moving my hair

Side shot

back shot

front and smiling

Pink Laced Top - Forever21 (old, similar, similar) // High Waisted Denim - Zara 
(sold out, similar, similar, similar) // Floral Booties - Mia // 
Gold Diamond Earrings - TJ Maxx(similar, similar) // 
Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain - YSL #5 Rosewood Gang

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