Saturday, February 24, 2018

Travel Bug: Where to Eat on the North Shore, Hawaii

Coconut Shrimp & Mac Salad

We all know my undying love for food. When in Rome, you eat pasta. When in Paris, you drink your cappuccinos. When in Hawaii, you eat everything. There are certain places I always go to on the North Shore.

This year was particularly fun. We tried a ton of different and unique places to eat and drink from Haleiwa to Laie. We stopped at fruit stands and a bakery that blew our minds. There was a shrimp truck that wasn't worth the time or money and an incredible burger place known for bringing love, peace and family together. It was such an amazing food ride and we just rode the wave.

With much ado, I'd love to start out with my favorite Coffee Shop:

Coffee Menu
1) Coffee Gallery, Haleiwa, HI.

This coffeehouse kills two birds with one stone. Their coffee is rich with a notes of chocolate, especially in their cold brew. This is what my friend always ordered. However, what a lot of people don't know is how amazing their smoothies are as well. I get the Alooooha!. I tried to get a different one but I love Mango, Bananas and Papayas too much to venture. Highly recommend picking up a bag of their coffee as a gift for family and friends.

Shout Ribs, Ted's Bakery

2) Ted's Bakery, Kamehameha, Hwy (between Sunset Beach and Velzyland Beach)

Beloved referred to as "Uncle Ted's" by me and my friend. We went there twice and both got different things each time. Not only is the staff wonderful but everything is authentically Hawaiian and, most importantly, delicious! I highly recommend the Hawaiian BBQ Shout Ribs and Chicken! The mac salad is so so good. It's my favorite on the island. It was rated one of Hawaii's Best in 2017 and for good reason. I cannot recommend this place more. I would recommend Ted's Bakery over any food truck. Now, that says a lot. Did I mention they have pie? ... They have pie.

Peanut Butter Toast with banana

3) Packed lunch or at your Airbnb.  

A little off the norm, right? I'm recommending your own place because most locals eat at home. They have large BBQs with family and friends over. It was almost difficult to find restaurants open for dinner due to how often locals share their meals at home. Whether this is due to the North Shore having a large mormon population, with the temple within walking distance from our own airbnb, or they were trying to save money was unclear. What was clear is that breakfast was always eaten at "home" during our stay and we packed 3/4 of our lunch to eat on the beach. We got Love's 100% Whole Wheat bread, ham, mayo and mustard. We tried to buy as local as possible. Including eggs, jam, bananas, fruits, veggies and beer! We won't regret. Everything is wonderfully fresh. 

4) Angel's Ice Cream, Laie, HI

I don't have a photo of this Ice Cream Parlor because it smelled so good that I, simply, ate it. I didn't even think about taking a picture. That happens to me a lot when I'm on Hawaii. I don't think, I just life and it's wonderful! Until I get home and realize I have nothing to show for it in this post! I had the acai sorbet and my friend got chocolate. It was honestly so good I can't believe we didn't go back again. I'm still dreaming about that sorbet. 

Double Cut Pork Loin chop, Lei Lei Bar & Grill

5) Lei Lei's Bar & Grill, Turtle Bay Resort

This meal was our "go all out" meal on our trip. Sitting on the golf course of Turtle Bay's resort is a lovely little bar & grill known for their fresh food and large beer selection. It is on the pricey side but lunch is bit less. Both of our plates were wonderful and, though sad to admit, we both couldn't make it to the clean plate club. We did our very best though. I do recommend this spot if you are looking to mingle with other vacationers. You most certainly will not find locals at this restaurant but you can tell that many people own their own apartments on the grounds and are returners ever year.

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