Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tanned, White Tee & Skinny Jeans

Facing camera White tee, skinny jeans and nude pumps

Side View white tee skinny jeans and nude pumps

Smiling white tee skinny jeans and nude pumps

Hair back white tee, skinny jeans and nude pumps

Aloha, darlings. I'm back from vacation with a darker tan than intended. I spent every single waking moment in the sun. It was like being greeted by a dear old friend, that sun of mine. I know some of you might follow me on my personal IG. If you do, you've seen some of the insane hikes that I did and all of the beach time I got to have.
It was a much needed mental health break and I couldn't be happier. I feel so privileged and thankful that I was able to go. I will definitely post about my trip. I already have one lined up in the queue for you. This was a different trip than I've ever taken. I didn't take a single OOTD pic because I was either in a bikini or in workout gear. I just didn't think about it. It was a refreshing break. I sat in front of a computer once to fill out a form. That was it!

My outfit today couldn't have been easier. I didn't want to wear clothessss or do my hair (so I didn't). Getting up and putting on jeans was like putting my legs into jail. It was awful but immediately appreciated them when I walked out in 53* weather. I definitely wore commuter shoes into wore and changed into my heels when I got there. Heels was even harder than the jeans...

I'll be getting these jeans tapered, btw. I wrote about this in another post about Express jeans being just absurdly long! These are a pair of regulars and I have 4 inches of fabric rolled under. I honestly might just cut them because fray is in right now. Thoughts?

White Top - BP Nordstrom // Jeans - Express // Gold Watch - Marc 
by Marc Jacobs // Nude Pumps - Nine West

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