Sunday, February 25, 2018

Mahina Boutique Overalls & Baseball Hats

front photo

Another incredible piece from my favorite Hawaiian Boutique, Mahina. These cotton overalls are dying to come out of my closet for Spring and Summer. I'm desperately trying to pair them with sweaters and cardigans which has been working, for the most part. Today they've been paired with my Mariners cap, classic white tee and black pumps to help with my height. It's an easy and relaxed look, though I probably won't be seen at the grocery store in it. It's more of a Fri-yay attire.
It's also worn with my lucky handmade Abalone Shell necklace and a low french braid. My favorite feature is obviously the pockets but I love how loose the back of the overalls are to keep them comfortable. They don't feel tight at all. Perfectly fitted.

I hate that I live so far from this little boutique. This piece came from the boutique in Kailua. The same as my jumpsuit I posted from last week. The ladies who were working the floor were such a delight and helped me out in finding exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend this boutique. If only they weren't an entire ocean away!!

looking out the window

laughing at myself

overall stance.

Cotton Overalls - Mahina Boutique, Hawaii (similar, similar) // 
White Tee - Target // Black pumps - Nine West (similar) //
Abalone Shell Necklace - Homemade (similar) // Mariners Hat - 
Mariner's Store (similar) // Diamond Earrings - Nordstrom Rack (similar)

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