Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mahina Boutique Jumpsuit & Velvet Cardigan

For those who had it, I hope you had an amazing three day weekend. Mine consisted of getting caught up. On sleep, laundry, Olympics and exercising. Guys, there was so much laundry it was coming creeping out of my closet.
This outfit is a whole lot of comfy and fun. Super easy to throw on and you can wear this jumper with almost anything. It's by far one of the best purchases from my Hawaiian excursion. I've always been a sucker for wide leg pants. The fact that this pair comes with a top was a "take my money" moment. Again, this is from my favorite little boutique in Hawaii but I did buy it in Kailua and not the one in Halewei.

My cardigan is not from a vintage shop or even my darling Memére's closet. It's from Zulily! I saw it, my eyes bugged out, I bought it. It's a staple in my wardrobe because it's velvet (my fave) and boho. It reminds my of one of my old art professor's pieces. I was drooling over it back then too. 

Shoes were a steal from Nordstrom Rack. They're Rack brand, 14th & Union. They have great basics with a fashionable twist on them. They're not only comfortable but they pretty much go with anything. I've walked a lot of blocks in these heels and they don't hurt. I recommend socks with them though. 

Earrings are also from Mahina! 

Jumpsuit - Mahina (similar, similar) // Velvet Cardigan - Zulily (similar) //
Velvet Bootie - 14th & Union (Nordstrom Rack, similar, similar) // Earrings - Mahina (similar)

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