Monday, February 12, 2018

Hunter Green Dress and Floral Booties

facing forward in dress, vest and booties

Hello, gems. I don't know how I survived my first week back after my vacation. It seemed like the weekend would never get here but here we are and it feel so good to kick back. While I was on my trip, I rare sat down unless I was lounging at the beach. Even then I would get up and swim every 20 minutes or so. Being outside in the sunshine did a number on my health for the week. I'm so thankful for being blessed enough to even take a trip, never the less soak up that Vitamin D.
There's a lot going on this weekend and next week. My schedule was thrown into a frenzy when I got back. Which is great, I love being busy. However, making time for myself has been harder than I expected. More specially, working out. I will get these though.

Do you recognize the dress or the vest? or the shoes?? Haha! These are all items I've owned for the past year that I threw together. My earrings are from my favorite boutique in Hawaii, Mahina. Here's a post with my dress, a post with my vest and a post with my floral booties!

smiling forward, dress, vest, booties

Side - dress, vest, booties

hair shot - dress, vest, booties

looking out the window - dress, vest, booties

Dress - Zulily (similar, similar) // Leather Vest - Thrifted (similar) // Floral Booties -
Mia (similar) // Gold Line Earrings - Mahina Boutique (similar, similar)

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