Thursday, February 22, 2018

Denim Dress & Accessories ... Lots and Lots of Accessories

facing forward

If it's possible to own anymore accessories than I already do, I doubt it, than I will need a closet instead of a jewelry box. It's a love I shared with my belated Memére and therefore, I have a lot of pride in my collection. I collect jewelry and accessories from all over the world and locally at thrift stores. This past summer began my collection of amber necklaces which I find an excuse to wear at all cost. Though, very heavy, they are lovely and hold memories from my trip to Morocco.
My bracelet collection has grown over the past few years. Though I can't wear them at work. Anytime I start typing they have to come off. Never-the-less, a promise has been made to wear them as much as possible on the weekends to make up for it. My favorites are the gold bangles my grandmother bought me in India and my personal compilation of wooden bangles.

My denim dress was a Clear the Rack find from Nordstrom Rack. I can't wait to wear it in the summer but for now I've been wearing it with booties. I'm on the hunt for a long hoodie to wear under it, since it's been averaging 35* this past week. Best part? Pockets!

Looking at wooden bangles

walking, looking at shoes


looking away

blowing kisses

Denim Dress - Robert Rodriguez (more sizes, more sizes) // Velvet Booties - 14th & Union (similar,
similar) // Amber Necklaces - Marrakesh, Morocco // Boho Necklace - Chicos (old, gift
from my dad!, similar) // Gold Bracelets (gift from my Memére from India, similar) //
Wooden Bangles - thrifted (similar)

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