Thursday, January 25, 2018

Pink Sweater & Moto Boots

This pink sweater was one of the first purchases I made after I changed jobs. I think I was looking for comfort while I had not only moved companies but also left my happy place. My last job had some of the best people I'd ever met in it. It's a weird world we live in where we see strangers for 40+ hours a week and then they magically, as if over night, become family. It's been hard for me to keep in touch with almost all of them because of how busy I am but that's for another post.
In short, this pink sweater is not only comfy and cozy but also has a sentimental attachment to it. I tend to match it with something harsh like a Moto Jacket, High Boots or these Moto Booties. I bought these booties at the beginning of winter because I only have heeled booties. I thought I would go easy on my feet and invest in a nice pair of leather flat ones. To my surprise, the booties showed up as a man-made upper. A disappointment but I adored them and the price is something I would have paid for non-leather. I kept them and now I wear them about 3 times a week (here's another post with these shoes).

I noticed that I don't ever take photos of the back of this sweater and that was the selling point for me. I will have to try and get a shot of it while I'm refrigerating my photography set up. I love reading and finding new ways to take photos. 

Pink Sweater - Painted Threads (sold out) // Jeans - Express //
Moto Booties - B.O.C Delavigne // Abalone Shell Necklace - handmade

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