Sunday, January 14, 2018

Just Finished Reading: The Secret Ingredient of Wishes: A Novel

The Secret Ingredient of Wishes Review

Another part of my new years resolution is to try and read a book every month. There are some people who are avid readers. They read religiously and have a book with them where ever they roam. My mother is one of these people. So is my sister-in-law and one of my best friends. They're some of my favorite humans because they're always telling me what to pick up next when I have time.
I'm a big library supporter so don't be surprised if in every book post I say "just borrow this from the library". In fact, I'll make a point to suggest it.

Book Time. 

I liked this book. It's that easy. It was a fun quick read that took me 4 days because I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough at night. It's a bit predictable in a happy kind of way. The main character, Rachel Monroe, is relatable. Though she goes through a harder time than most and deals with social outcasting and, essentially, town bullying until she can control her gift. 

You'll fall in love with Ashe out of nowhere and wish he'd spend more time with Rachel and she wishes the same thing. You'll also wish Catch, the sweet elderly pie lady, was your crazy great aunt in a heartbeat. Her grumpy banter with Rachel is charming and loving in a thick skin type of way. 

You'll find friends along the way and help build the town. However, you'll mostly help bake and sell pies. Who wouldn't love that? 

The ending was a tad surprising. I'm happy I read this at the age I am because I think if I were in my mid twenties or younger, I would have been pissed. The ending leaves you in hope and with your own imagination to create what happens next. 

Charming, easy, and sweet as pie. 

I recommend. This would make a great book to read in the summer at the park. 


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