Friday, December 29, 2017

Plaid Wrap Mini Skirt & a Boatneck

Plaid Mini Skirt with Boatneck Top

Always behind on blogging... This I posted on IG last week. One of my favorite holiday skirts. Bought it at a thrift store a few years ago. It makes me happy and I think it's nostalgia. Growing up as a 90s child my fashion icons were Blossom Russo and Cher Horowitz. My divide between laid back boho and prep began at a very young age, to say the least.
I remember asking my mom for "Blossom shoes" for Christmas one year... my obsession remains. This Christmas I didn't ask for shoes or clothes. I asked for a pressure cooker and beret. I got the pressure cooker. TBD on how I procure the beret but I have my eye on a few.

In my last post I mentioned that I've been evaluating my priorities and lifestyles. This is my favorite time of year to do a mental check in on myself. Though, it's something I should be doing weekly, I opt for once a year for a huge review. Then I have little goals along the way. Last year my goal was to save a certain sum of money for an emergency fund. This year I am trying to be more financially savvy. Slow steps. Which is why January is being kicked off with a "No Spend Month". I've done a few of these in the past but it's a quirky challenge that has a lasting impact. It's how I hit my goal last year and was able to travel around Spain. 

So expect more posts on clothes I own and very seldom stops at the local thrift store. In addition to getting back to my roots, sewing. Which I miss. 

This outfit is the perfect start as every thing is either old or thrifted... okay, except my new necklace from Stella & Dot. See dets below. 

Plaid Wrap Mini Skirt

Stella & Dot Delicate Double Pearl Pendant

Plaid Mini Wrap Skirt with Stella & Dot necklace

Black Top - Banana Republic (old, similar, similar) // Plaid Wrap Mini Skirt -
 Thrifted (similar, similar) // Tights - Nordstrom Rack (similar) // 
Booties - The Office (similar) // Necklace - Stella & Dot
Peplums and Pie, Love Allison

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