Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday Gifts Guide for the Traveler

Best Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers. 2017. Gold Water Bottle, Headphones. Passport holder. Cardigan from Nordstrom. Turkish Towel. Eiffel Tower Ornament.

Happy Tuesday, Travelers!

That's right! We all have one. We all know one. The avid travelers that can't sit still or has that itch that can't be scratched until they've either:

a) booked their next trip or
b) is booking their next trip

It's how they roll and you love them for it, each and everyday. You low key resent their IG account and yet can't wait to hear their stories at happy hour or brunch. This collection of gifts is mean for these trip-setters.
Complete with my personal favorite gift: A Turkish Towel. I take one of these on every trip I go on. It's fast drying, so perfect for a rainy day or beach day. It's stylish, so you can wear it as a scarf or a bathing suit wrap. It's light weight, so it's perfect as your airplane blanket for morning flights. It's honestly the perfect investment.

The remaining gifts are all designed for comfort, class and easy. A water bottle for the airport, hiking through island mountains or roaming the streets of artists. Headphones that keeps little cries from disturbing your sleep on long flights or taking a break in the park. The butter smooth leather passport holder for the trendy organizer. A destination ornament for the collector and a lusciously soft Barefoot dream hoody for cool nights by the ocean or cuddling up on evening flights.

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