Saturday, October 21, 2017

Saturday Morning Recipe Writing & Homemade Bread

This past Saturday I decided to have a full day of lounging, taking care of myself and quiet time. Okay, not completely quiet but I kept the music happy. However, no tv. Which was a tough challenge, for some reason. My second challenge for the day was limiting my cell phone activity. Last challenge, was making fresh warm homemade bread. From Scratch.
In my past blog, which has since been taken down, I made this recipe quite a bit. I haven't made it in over 2 years so I thought it would not only make me feel at home but also give me something to do than watch Netflix.

It's a long recipe. Not true - it's got a long time laps in it though. Best trick is to start if before or after dinner. This way you can get it ready in the morning when you first wake up! After a few hours, volila! warm Sunday morning bread.

This recipe box has come with me all the way from my first apartment in Seattle. I bought it at a Michaels and different recipe cards through out the years. On of my favorite gifts to give others is a backed good along with a recipe card for it. I always say it's from my kitchen but then write who I actually got it from on the back. Unless it's my card, then the recipe maker goes on the front.

This No Knead Crusty Artisan Bread is coming from a food blogger I've followed for years. The Baker-Chick. She has some pretty incredible recipes that I've used in the past too but this one is by far my favorite. She revamped the recipe from another food blogger, Simply So Good. Worth the read. This blogger teaches you to add different flavors to the mix. One year I made Rosemary bread. My placed smelled like heaven until the next day.

Here's some fun pics from my IG story on my personal account. I LOVE the Autumn emojis.

I got my dutch oven for Christmas a few years back from my parents. Its a simple Rachael Ray orange pot but it does the job, and well! Definitely something I would recommend investing in. They can be a little pricey. Mine is on the lower price level but I found a few nice ones on ebay and that's a great place to check if you're looking for a deal and don't mind nicely used items.

I love mornings where you wake up to warm crusty bread with Earth Balance butter and blackberry jam!

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