Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lessons in Apple Picking

If you saw my Apply Picking Outfit Post from earlier this week, you know my struggles with apple season in Washington State. You also know the lesson I learned about farms too. Long story short: CALL before you drive out of the city to go apple picking...
All wasn't lost though. Two gal friends and I got to sample the local Hot Apple Cider, from the Apple shack, and the most delicious corndogs. My friend got a Cider Donut and almost died when she bit into it! She said it was so perfectly cakey because it was fresh out of the fryer. I won't lie, my corndog was the freshest (if that's even possible) I've ever had. It was so good. Considering I haven't eaten a corndog in years.

After getting our snacks, we checked out a small area of the orchards where we were taunted by apples we weren't allowed to pick. Instead we were able to buy some from their stand, along with corn and squash. It is officially pumpkin season. Everyone was out in the patch picking out the perfect pumpkins. I loved the pink and green tinted ones. I wish I had taken a picture of them.

My friend and I decided to head out to Snohomish once our little adventure was over. Again, it poured while we were there but we stopped in at this adorable restaurant called Christa's Sandwishboard. I got a malbec and bruschetta. SO good. The tomatoes were already sweet but the whole dish was drizzled with a honey vin. It was perfect. Photos are below.

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