Friday, October 6, 2017

Travel Bug: 28th Annual Blackberry Festival, Bremerton, WA

banner of the blackberry pie festival in Bremerton WA

After going through my picture on my phone I found all of these terrific photos from a day-getaway last month. I have to share it because the whole reason my friend, H, and I went is for our undying love of one thing: Blackberries.
As you know, I'm an Oregonian. Talk about it all the time (last trip here). I have a lot of memories of being a kid and picking berries and apples at the local farms down the street. Naturally, when I heard there was a Blackberry Festival one thing came to mind - PIE.

If you haven't guessed (consider the title of this blog) I personally believe that pie should be it's own food group. It's healthy! It's got fruit in it! Apologies - 5 year old me flash back.

Bremerton is not a very large town off the sound of Seattle. It's approximately an hour and change for the ferry ride. Ferries are terrific for transportation in the city. Especially to get to the local islands. Very easy, organized and common to commute. We felt as if the entire town of Bremerton was at this festival and it's highly possible we weren't wrong.

Bremerton is an old Navy ship yard now. It has it's own museum and definitely attracts its fair share of tourist. The town has a main street with a coffee shop, antique store, boutique and book shop. It was adorable to walk through and we felt as if we stepped back in time to around 1942. The colors seemed whitewashed and preserved. It was a well maintained and had a lot of small town pride.

Bremerton Blackberry Pie

H and I found the pie venue SO fast. We sat, we ate, we almost died from joy and considered going back for seconds but then got distracted by the Blackberry Jams, Blackberry wine, Blackberry popped corn and, of course, the Blackberry Shortcake. We had to pick and choose. We both chose the wine.

All in all - it was an awesome day and we've both decided to go back next year. If anything but for the pie and the blackberry jam.

Blackberry Pie Stand Bremerton WA Blackberry Pie Festival

Blackberry shortcake banner Bremerton Blackberry Festival

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