Saturday, September 2, 2017

Sunday Morning Mini Waffles & Birch Sryup

Mini Waffles on a white plate with butter and birch syrup on top and a cup of tea on the right

Despite my recent posts, this past month has been really hard for me. You see, I lost my Grandmother. My Memére, as we've always called her. She was a lot of things. Brave, ambitious, an entrepreneur, a socialite. A Queen in our house and hearts. I've cried more times than I can to admit to and the pain comes in waves. Right now, I feel mentally prepared to open up but not go to deep today.
You see, she was a grandmother to me first and always but before me she was a mom. She was a mom to 6 children. She was born and raised in Haiti. She had three children in Port-au-Prince, including my mother. She met my Grand-daddy while working at the airport. At the time, he was working for PanAm as a mechanic. He was 22 years older than her and they both didn't care.

She owned many stores when they left Haiti and moved to New York. She purchased fabric, jewelry, clothing, art, etc in countries all over the world to sell in them. She was incredibly gifted with languages, as she spoke 5: English, French, Creole, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and she understood Latin. 

So what's with the waffles? Well, my Memére loved breakfast and more specifically she loved pancakes. However, I don't! I love waffles.

My grandmother was never ever stingy with the butter or the syrup. I'm doing my best to honor her when I can and through these mini waffles that I made in my mini waffle maker, I honor her with carbs, faux butter and Canadian birch syrup. Yes, birch.

A Recipe book called "Retro Diner" and a bottle of Canadian birch syrup to the right of it

The recipe I'm using is from a book my mom picked up for me a long time ago. My undying love for a good diner is mildly embarrassing but, alas, I can't give it up. It's called Retro Diner: Comfort Food form the American Roadside. It's mortifyingly inexpensive on Amazon and worth every penny for the pie recipes alone.

I did alter the recipes per my dairy intolerance. An easy fix by using almond milk instead of 2% cows milk. Still tasted delicious and I honestly could get enough of how cakey the batter turned out. 

Now about this syrup. My last trip to Vancouver BC (very behind on my posts) was quite successful in the food department. I always pick up tea, syrup and something sweet from Grandville Island. This syrup is the freakin' BEST syrup I've ever had. Honestly, I'm like Buddy the Elf when I get to eat this stuff. It makes your eyes go crossed and the sides of your mouth go up. It's the most absurd look imaginable!

This type of syrup, as they have three other kinds, is rich, dark and savory. I've used this on waffles (obviously) and in cakes when I don't have vanilla. It's a great substitute that people often forget about. I highly recommend. It's by Escuminac. The one I buy is a birch syrup, pure organic and the highest quality. It's so good.

A bottle of Escuminac Birch Syrup on a table

Below are my last image and a boomerang of the syrup falling nicely onto my waffles. Swoooon! Many of my friends have asked me about my breakfast habits now that I've left my old company. My old company had a stove top and two ovens to cook meals in. My new company has a microwave and a toaster. Womp womp. 

It's very unfortunate since I'm so fond of eggs and I'm a firm believer that you just shouldn't cook your eggs in the microwave. They taste strange to me but I know a lot of people who do it at work. Instead, when I make things like waffles I make a batch and I freeze them! I pop them into the toaster and smear peanut butter on top. It's a nice little treat after a long run at the gym. 

A stack of mini waffles on a white plates with butter, bananas and Canadian birch syrup. A cup of tea in the back on the right.

Thank you all for reading about my Memére. She meant the world to me and for you to read means so much. Check out my boomerang below and happy weekend! 

Canadian Birch sryup being poured on to a stack of mini waffles

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