Monday, September 4, 2017

Off the Shoulder Sweaters and Skinnies

Pink off the Shoulder sweater with Black Skinny Pants

Happy Labor Day! This outfit was from last week and I was tricked. It started out as a cloudy Summer morning and burned off by 10am! I was so over heated! It's an adorably comfortable off-the-shoulder sweater (details below). I love the color. However, within 2 minutes of wearing it I got jam on it from my toast! So please pardon the wash spot and my dining room table. It quickly turned into a craft table this week.
I've been working on making skirts since I've had issues finding exactly what I want. Hopefully I can build a few out to share.

This past week has had a romantic vibe. It's probably because were going into Fall soon and I find it so cozy. Pinterest will do that to anyone!

I'm also pleased to report, my like prideful, that I've kept to my routine. Even if I go to bed late, I wake up early, fix my tea, make my breakfast and go on with my day. I think it centers me in the morning. Especially with my "A Little Bit of Country" Pandora station. It's the best. So many people are anti the Pandora but I love not knowing what's going to come up next. Plus I find new artist every time I listen to it.

Today you're getting a late post. I'm off to the Bremerton Blackberry Festival today. Last day for festivities and I really didn't want to miss it. Its my favorite berry, after all. This week is filling up with activities quickly. Hoping to meet up with a few of my favorites and force coffee breaks into a hectic week.

Pink off the Shoulder sweater from Forever 21 with Black Skinny Pants
Eyeshadow - ABH Renaissance Palette // Eyeliner - Kat Von D // Lips - NYX // Nails - OPI

Forever 21 Pink off the shoulder sweater with Black Skinny Pants
 Top - Forever21 (similar, similar) // Pants - Express (similar) // Sandals - Target

Off the shoulder Forever21 sweater with Express Skinny Pants

Hope everyone has a safe Labor Day!

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