Thursday, September 21, 2017

Faded Blues and a Leather Vest

Blue Dress and a black Leather Dress with Booties

We can already see the change in trees and the light fading in the evening. The sun doesn't come up as early and even though we have nice hot days, the nights are cooler and the mornings are hazy. We all know what's to come. It's one of the reasons most people decide to move here. FALL.

It's right around the corner, trying to sneak up on all of us but locals know it's coming. We can see it and though we know it's still a good few weeks away, it's there and it's waiting.
The outfit reminds me of Fall. It's something I would wear in November with a pair of back tights. You wait and see. I can be predictable like that. Two-thirds of my outfit is from the thrift store. My dress and my black leather vest(which I love). I love a-great-many-a-thing in my wardrobe and this vest is top 10 easily. It was a steal of a bargain and I never looked back after my purchase. 100% leather. It was the only thing I bought during that trip.

This dress was purchased for a mere $7 and it bleeds into Winter like a charm. Pairs well with every single stocking I own. It'll be put to the test this year. It'll be a real grab-and-go during my more tiresome mornings.

Jewelry is primarily Aventurine. It's on the necklace I made and one of my bracelets. Along with pearls, pink quartz and green sandalwood. My ring is one of my staples and has an amethyst in the center of it. I love gold.

Blue Dress with a Black Leather Vest with Booties and Stone Bracelets
Dress - Theory (similar, similar) // Vest - KENNA-T (similar) // Boots - The office (old, similar) // Necklace - Handmade (Aventurine Bead) // Bracelets - Aventurine, Pearls, Pink Quartz & Sandalwood // Ring - HSN

Peplums and Pie Blue Dress and Black Leather Vest

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