Sunday, September 10, 2017

Travel Bug: David Hill Vineyard and Winery, Forest Grove, Oregon

Photo of David Hill Wine House, Forrest Grove Oregon

Growing up in Oregon, you're surrounded by old country roads. Any way you go, you're 10-20 minutes to farmland. In addition to farmland, you also have peach trees, blueberry farms, marionberry farms... and wineries.
A few months ago I took a weekend trip down to see my brother in Oregon. He and his wife humored me by taking me to a few wineries I'd never been to. One that they love and made me a patron to was David Hill Vineyard out in Forest Grove.

Photo of David Hill Vineyard

Wine Grapes

Ad you can see by the photos, it doesn't need any kind of further introduction. The landscaping is gorgeous and you feel like you're coming home from a long trip. The land is so welcoming and the owners and workers or overly inviting. They're happy to make you comfortable by offering flights, a glass or a bottle to enjoy for the day or take home for the evening.

We ended up traveling later in the day so we skipped the flights and went straight to a glass. I did try one of their reds that I fell in love with. If you were to close your eyes and take a sip of this Bordeaux, it's like tasting Fall. Fall in a full bodied glass of wine! How does one not buy that? It's currently in my cabinet waiting for the first Fall week and it will be accompanied by a plate of goat cheese, crackers, a rom-com and blankets. I'll be in heaven.

If you're interested, the red is a part of their Farm House series and it's literally called their FarmHouse Red. I plan to go back in October to buy a case. It'll make the perfect Thanksgiving gift.

Photo of me at David Hill Winery
Top - Anthropologie (Old, similar) // Shorts - The Loft (similar) // Sandals - Target 

On to the 2016 Estate Rosê which was light, airy and chilled to perfection. It's crisp taste went perfectly with the atmosphere and at any moment, I genuinely thought someone would bring out a barbecue and grill up a few cobbs and chicken. Alas, that didn't happen so we bought a bottle and started a party of our own at my brother's house. 

It's so nice to go home when you've been away for awhile. You appreciate your old state just a tiny bit more. Oregon is a slow paced area. They aren't loud or ever use their horns while driving. It's peaceful and content. It you're looking to experience that in a winery and you happen to be in Oregon, rent yourself a car and head out to David Hill. You won't regret the time you had. 

Happy tasting!

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