Monday, May 1, 2017

5 Zella Pants I'm Obsessed With

Left to Right: Camila Capris - Zella // To the Max Crop Leggings - Zella // Flash High Waist Leggings - Zella //
 'Out and About' Crop Joggers - Zella // Spring Crop Leggings - Zella
This Spring is all about getting out of the slum (that was winter) and getting back into shape for Summer. While pursuing through Nordstrom this afternoon I went through the athletic department on the 4th floor of our downtown Seattle store. It's so beautiful in there. Sometimes my walks consist of going through every floor, dreaming and then taking the elevator back down before returning to work.

The inspiration on the floor was intense today. They have their standard Nike, Adidas, Puma displays out but one that caught my eye was Zella. Many of you might know that this is one of Nordstrom's private brands. All made specifically for their stores. I read an article on when they had acquired one of Lululemon's finest to come in and be the creative director on their Zella team back in 2009. Which is why Zella and Lululemon have similar sweat technology and style. Though, with Zella at a much more affordable price.

My love is strong for Zella considering their pants don't fall down on me mid run. They are comfortable, trendy and did I mention 'budget friendly'?? I'd love to hear others feelings on Zella products. What are your loves?

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