Tuesday, April 11, 2017

WIW: Sweater Equestrian & Changes

My hope is that this will be my last sweater post til October of this year. I have been praying for blue skies and light clouds for weeks now and it appears Spring is finally on it's way. I want to go hiking and run through the city without getting soaked! Hence why I'm still wearing my tall riding boots. Boo-hoo.
Really exciting news, guys. I can start looking for my own place! That's right, it's officially that time to pursue through Craigslist and find a home that's going to fit my unique style. I love old buildings filled with history and charm. Though I considered going new, I'm going to stick with what I know and keep it old school. Literally though. I've been so excited for this that's it's honestly hard not to start packing now.

The moving scene in Seattle is a very tricky process. When you view a place and you like it, you bring your checks and id because it won't be there for a second viewing. That's just not how it works here. You go, you rent. 

I've got a few areas in mind but I have my heart of Queen Anne again. We'll see how it plays out I can't wait to share my adventure with you. I also can't wait to decorate! As you can see in all of my pictures, almost everything is mine. The art, the rug, the couch, the table, etc. It's all very dark. Even though I went with an equestrian vibe today, I am not feeling that in my home all day everyday. I have been debating for sometime if I will sell all of my furniture and start over or not but I suppose we'll have to find out together.

Let get to the outfit, this outfit sums up how I feel about the weather. I want to be stylist but mostly just comfortable and warm. Though this oversized turtle neck is a true thrift-ed find, it won't be too hard to find a similar on sale since we're all going into my favorite time of year. 

My boots are my traditional Ralph Lauren riding boots. I got them during Black Friday from their site. They're perfect for the rainy months but also equestrian enough to have a classy style. I always migrate toward riding boots. I can't help it and borderline thinks it's hereditary or I just love classic riding boots. My Mom used to always wear riding boots. I think I get the trend from her. 

Hair was in an actual pony-tail today! I never do that, as you can see from past posts. Its very rare to get up and think "today is a pony kind of day". May hair has gotten so heavy lately that I sometimes thing about chopping it off but I also think about how far I've come. NYX lipstick to match my equestrian vibe. ♥

Turtle Neck Sweater - Thrift Find (similar ♥ and similar) // Black Jeggings - Express // Brown Riding Boots - Ralph Lauren (similar and similar) // Silver Swarovski Diamond Earrings - Groupon // Matte Lip Lingerie Liquid Lip (Push Up) - NYX    // Floral Phone Case - Amazon

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