Friday, April 28, 2017

WIW: Pin Stripe Tank with Jeans and Target Cardigan

Staples in my wardrobe are as follows: Black Pumps, Quality Jeans and Black Cardigans. You can add in the accessories in between. These Nine West Pumps should not be a surprise to you as I wear them all the time. No joke, I own them in two different colors (black and tan) and I've got my eye on two more colors on Amazon. I love shoes but finding easy to wear and comfortable pumps can be difficult to find. These ones I swear by. I may consider doing a post later of all of the outfits I've worn these pumps with. So far you've seen my tan pair in "For the Love of Pearls and Joggers" and now my black pair with this ensemble.
My favorite accessory, besides my shoes, is my Aventurine necklace. Many confuse it with Jade. I think because you often see Jade in a round dish like mine. I chose Aventurine while out on a mini adventure a few months ago. I love healing stones and crystals and when this one jumped out at me while in a bead store at County Village Shops, well I had to have it. I bought a green leather rope to make a long necklace out of it.

Aventurine is often known as the "Stone of Opportunity". It's considered a lucky stone, which is why I also own a bracelet that I tend to wear with my rose quartz bracelet. Lucky in Love.  If you're interested in the stone, you can check out more info on CrystalVaults.

Stripe Tank - Marshalls (similar and cheaper similar) // Long Black Cardigan -  Target (similar) // Banana Republic Jeans - Petites (similar)  // Nine West Pumps - Handjive // Handmade Adventure Necklace 
All the best this week!

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