Saturday, April 15, 2017

WIW: April Jogging

Sports Bra - Adidas // Purple Running Top - Adidas (different color) // Blue and Turquoise Running
Capris - Lululemon (old, obsessed with) // Running Shoes - Nike (similar and obsessed with)
The slightest sight of sun and warmth on my skin: I'm out. My heart is beating trying to remember my stride that I lost sometime back in November. That was before I got sick, before the traveling and before I just stopped caring. 

Running til my lungs hurt and my eye water from the cool wind. I find peace. I clear my head and my heart at the same time as my shoes hit the ground trying to avoid any major holes in the beat up, root growing sidewalks in Capitol Hill. The cars drive by with their windows rolled down and kids riding their bikes through the parks. It could almost be Spring. I can almost see the light. My God, jogging is my vice; come blues skies and tree moss!

I ran today. It felt like I was jogging through heaven. The fresh air was almost too much, I could have passed out. Seattle had a beautiful day and I didn't think twice about it. I threw on my Nikes and ran for the hills. Literally.

These lululemon pants are one of my favorite pants for working out in because they have side pockets on the outer thighs. However, even with the draw string tied ... they fall. Not a crazy amount but enough to frustrate you and stop to pull them up properly. They are an older pair and my friend, Ishea (the blogger from Six Twenty Seven), was invited to one of lululemon's parties. She was able to try out a pair of their new pant line and she's in love with them. Check out her review here.

As for my top, I swear by Adidas' Ultimate V-Neck Tees. They're the only tees I've ever worn that don't make me itchy after a run. I used to wear standard cotton tees and I would scratch my stomach without knowing it. At the end, I would take off my shirt and my stomach would literally have red nail lines all over it from my scratching. I highly recommend these tees. They're my favorite. I own 4 of them.

My favorite pandora station, for running, doesn't play anything slow. I have my secret running paths that I had to learn last year but still nothing compares to my old Seattle neighborhood. I wonder if I'll end up moving back there in the next month. If you're caught up on my posts, I'll be moving soon! I don't have a place in mind but I do have neighborhoods in mind. A large portion of my neighborhood picks are based off of mobility. They might not be easy to get to off the free way but they have amazing running areas. When I live in Queen Anne, I have a set path that was almost exactly 3.15 miles. That route was on purpose.

Is there a route you love and follow?

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