Sunday, April 2, 2017

Thank You For Taking The Thyme - Tea Cookies

There are somethings in the world that just make life better. Earl Gray, Peppermint, Chamomile and Lavender, Buckingham Palace, Paris, Ceylon... the list is endless to my palate as, I love tea. And if makes my life a happier place. Almost any type of tea. In the mornings my heart doesn't beat faster for a cupa' joe. What I want is a nice cupa' earl gray with a splash of almond milk. Every morning. This is my routine. Even though I fear stained teeth in my future life, I always feel so much better with a cup in hand walking from meeting to meeting.
I think this daily routine really stuck with me after my last trip to Europe. I went to visit my beautiful cousins in Paris, specifically Saint-Maurice, and we would have tea and cookies every afternoon. In the mornings, she would have a itty bitty espresso and then a tea, I would stick with my tea and a tear or bread with jam. After I would walk to the metro to start my journey for the day.

Though I don't start an exploration every morning, in Seattle, the smell of tea helps me get excited for the day.  

Perhaps we should get to the cookies them, hmm? This special batch of cookies were made because a wonderful friend help me with some graphic design work for a non-profit that I'm apart of. Since it's a non-profit, we can't pay friends for their work. It's helped me get pretty creative with my gifts! 

For starters, these were my "Thank you for your Thyme" cookies. I got the recipe from a fellow blogger's (who's originally from Washington!) post. Even though I couldn't eat them, I won't lie I did to some tasting to make sure they weren't toooo lemony. Did you know there are people out there that don't like lemon?? What has this world come to? Regardless, the recipe requires 3-4 lemon zests. That's a LOT of lemons and, to be frank, also a lot of time. So I zested one lemon and juiced 1/4 of it to make up for flavor. 

I set aside a nice plate for my friend and wrapped it up this a card. Then went ahead and prepared the remaining batch for my team at work. Who ate them at 9am and called them 'breakfast cookies'. They were gone in a blink! Everyone ate them, no no ... devoured them with their morning coffee and tea. It was darling and they raved about them for the rest of the day, which was very sweet. Cookies for the win! 

Here's where you can find the Lemon and Thyme Shortbread Cookie Recipe

Hope you enjoy some great treats this week! 

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