Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Brooks Running Greenlight Crops

There's an old tale that Seattleites tell transfers when they move to the city. Probably because they're dying for an excuse to allow their emo introverted personas to be acceptable. The tale normally begins with a question that turns into an apology and ends with the tale of woe. The story being that there is a Seattle freeze. That OG Seattle isn't very good at allowing people in and getting to know outsiders on more than a surface level.
I would say that this is true but I'm an annoying Oregonian who will talk to anyone so I appear to be unaffected by the dreaded curse of Seattle. A lot of transfers leave after their first year because of the "freeze" and also the lack of assurance that they can make it through another grey winter.

Now, why am I telling you this? It took me awhile to get acquainted with Seattle. For Seattle to accept me and become a true friend. Now I have many many local and transfer friends here. For that, I am so fortunate. One of my friends, that I met last year, works for Brooks Running Company. Brooks is a local company. It's a sports associated clothing company that generally specializes in running. It's out in Fremont, across from an infamous Fremont Brewery and the Burke-Gilman trail, which runs along the water.

My friend and I are the type of friends that don't need to spend money to have a good time. We're more than content meeting at Greenlake and walking around the track once or twice. We catch up and coach each others on our careers but our main common interest is working out and finding fun activities to do. Last week I met up with her to walk around the lake and she brought me a pair of Brooks Women's Greenlight Running Capris from work! What a great friend, right?

She calmed she went a bit crazy on products this year and was up to her ears in shoes, capris and sports bras and wanted to know how I liked the capris from their line this year. I told her I was so excited to try them out.

Three things off my list:
1) Local Products
2) Work Out Gear
3) REVERSIBLE (game changer)

The past few weeks have been kind of crazy but I wore them to our annual Field Day event at the Boys and Girls Club that I volunteer for. I also decided to test them out on the Earth Day 5k Magnuson Series I ran last week.

Where these capris are like .... ..... ... wearing nothing. There! I said it! Swear to you. Cross my heart! It's like wearing nothing on your legs. They're beyond comfortable. They don't fall down, like my lululemons do and they hold everything, from cards to phone. They're great! I ran all 3.15 miles during my 5k and the capris didn't phase me. Zero adjustments to be made. In the past I wore a pair of adidas to another series and they were riding up the whole time. These didn't move. AT ALL.

I will say that this is a 100% honest review. My friend isn't paying me and she didn't ask me to review them on behalf of her company. She doesn't even know I have a blog. So these are all my own thoughts on these pants and they are GREAT.

The pants I got came in black but according to their site, the others are reversible and some go from patterns to solids. So cool. I'm mildly obsessed with that. The fabric is really unique and I think it's due to their 4-way stretch. When you rub your hand on them, it's not completely smooth and yet they are. They're also some how soft to the touch. The wide power waist is great for keeping the pants from falling down and also give you tummy control. I love that it doesn't have a drawstring but also that it's got a 20' inseam so it doesn't look completely ridiculous on us petite gals.

In my book, these are a quality pair of capris and I'll be buying more of these in the future. They are a far better price point than Lululemon and they don't fall down. I am a curvy hips gal, as you know. I have a lot of slender friends who swear by Lulu's so that's just my personal opinion.

I love having such amazing friends that work for such cool companies.

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