Sunday, March 26, 2017

WIW: Waking from Winter

There are days that go nicely. One wakes up bright and early, reviews instagram and checks personal emails, washes face, has time to do eye make up, listen to an Ed Sheeran playlist and pick out a outfit that matches the mood for that particular day. Last week, was absolutely 100% nothing like that. Goodness, no. It was so bad that I washed my face, brushes my teeth and hair, put on mascara and practically threw on a sweatshirt and ran out the door to the train station. Then I got a terrible stomach bug (I ate something that didn't sit right) and was up 3/4 of the night. These nights are the worst. Especially for a weekday when you're expected to be at work the next day, on time, in tip top shape and ask as if everything were normal... when really you're on 3 hours of sleep.